About Us...

  Charter:  The Lincoln County Historical Society was chartered on September 22, 1968.

  Mission Statement:  Our purpose is to gather and preserve historical items and stories.

  Slogan:  History is worth saving.

  Major Accomplishments:
      1.  Assists the Fossil Country Frontier Museum in the preservation of local oral history audio tapes to digital
      2.  Helps the Fossil Country Frontier Museum with it's History Festival Contest and forwards the essays of the
winners to the Wyoming State Historical Society Awards Program.  Provides a Fall banquet for the winners.
      3.  Sponsors local area motorized treks during the summer for members and the public.
      4.  Provides assistance in the preservation of the Fossil Depot.
      5.  Commenced work on a monument project to commemorate the Kemmerer Coal Mine #1 explosion.
      6.  Developed a tourism brochure outlining the GPS locations of all the former coal mines in the area.
      7.  In 1986, began sponsoring Fossil County Futures, Inc., which is designed to promote tourism in the
southern part of Lincoln County.

  Non-Profit Status:  We are a registered IRS 501(c) organization and, as such, any contributions made to our
Society are legally tax deductible.

  Donations:  Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Society may do so by sending their gift to Lincoln
County Historical Society, Box 224, Kemmerer, Wyoming  83101.

  Membership:  Our current membership is approximately XXX.   Applications for membership are available at all
our public meetings.  These meetings are advertised on the local radio and in the newspaper.




  Physical Mailing Address:  Lincoln County Historical Society, Box 224, Kemmerer, Wyoming  83101

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  Last Update: 31 Jan 2012