Here you will find the headstones displayed for the Kemmerer area cemeteries and other burial sites.  In actuality, there are many more individuals buried here than there are headstones shown.  In addition, check the Sexton Records link below.

Kemmerer Newspapers
Read the actual issues of the early Kemmerer Camera from 1901 to 1921 and the Kemmerer Republican from 1914 through 1920.

The Kemmerer area is replete with turn-of-the-century mining adventures.  Some of the more prominent coal mining towns that come to mind are: Blazon, Conroy, Cumberland, Diamondville, Elkol, Fossil, Frontier, Givens, Glencoe, Gomer, Hamsfork, Kemmerer, Moyer Junction, Nugget, Sublet, Susie, Oakley, Opal, Quealy, Star and Waterfall.

This is a listing of Kemmerer obituaries collected from various sources.

Sexton Records
The Kemmerer Cemetery District has provided access to over 5,300 3x5 cards containing original sexton records  information for most persons interred therein.

Town and Communities
Over the years, the Kemmerer area has hosted a number of towns and communities.  This is a listing of what was found; both past and present.

Recommended Reading
In the course of conducting research for this website, we reviewed a number of significant publications which we would give to you as further recommended reading