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History of the Town of Hamsfork

"History of the Upper Hamsfork Valley"
by Jacob W. And Alice Antilla

Hams Fork Cemetery

History:  The old Hamsfork Cemetery, about one mile northwest of Kemmerer, is listed in the Kemmerer Gazette, Friday Dec. 24, 1957, as being the oldest Burial Ground in the Kemmerer district. The oldest burial on record was in 1894.  Most of the markers are of native Diamondville stone and the mason was Henry Ingom.

How Obtained:  The following was taken from the original Quit-Claim Deed, loaned to us by Charlotte Carlisle. "Made this 9th day of June 1915, between T.A. Streight and Desire Gaspard, M.H. Lambermont, Alex Inama, William Purdy, F.D. Fagnant, Mrs. P.J. Quealy, Peter Gordon Sr., Mrs. Fred Leilman, Griffith Davis, M.F. Naylln, Peter Gordon Jr.. H.E. Christmas, Emil Duthle, Dan McKenzie, John Beachler, Mike Hendrlckson, E.J. Harris, First National Bank of Kemmerer, C. Watt Brandon, Joseph Hanak, Joseph Piz, Louis Leonardi, James P. Rosenberg, Henry A. Streight, Alex Duthie, Andrew Boroni, George Hunter, John Cameron, Gus Carlson, Mrs. Sarah Hughs, Celeste Inama, William Nisbet, George Jarvie, Lampra. For the sum of One Dollar and other good and valuable consideration." Then follows the description of the ground, - Signed by T.A. Streight in the presence of G.W. Tanner, and J. W. Sammon, Notary Public.  Registered T.A. Streight - to - Desire Gaspard, 16th day of June 1913; County Clerk-H.R. Harrison. Fee-$4.70.

Location:  Travel west out of Kemmerer on Hwy 30, turn north on Hwy 189 0.6 miles. Turn left (north) on gravel road for 0.5 miles.  (GPS: 41.80177N 110.57350W).

Other Burial Sites:

Just north of the old Sutton home on the Sutton-Wood fence line is a cemetery where Hannah and James Westfall are buried, also William and Samuel Haddenham, children of Mr. and Mrs. John Haddenham; Clara Burke, daughter of Johanna Miller Burke; Grace Wright; child of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wright; and one Emigrant grave.

North of the Ralph Nelson home on top of the hill, looking down into Beaver Creek, in the corner of the fence, is a small cemetery. Those who are buried there are; one boy of Mr. and Mrs. William Fenn; George and Clarence Adams, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Adams; Alma and Marion Nelson, children of Mr. and Mrs. David F. Nelson; and a premature baby of Martha and Rudgar Nelson.

There was a second branch of the road on the east side of Hamsfork.  Instead of coming down the canyon to the Curtis Springs, it branched off to the right and went down the west side of the hill; then turned south, crossed the river, went three-fourths of a mile farther south, then went three-fourths of a mile where it ascended the hill to join with the first branch one mile from the top.  This made the hill one-half mile shorter, but the meadow was more swampy.  Just as the road comes out of the meadow, on a knoll to the right of the road is a grave marked “Sarah G. Noel, died July 5, 1854 - 12 Mo”.  The ranchers in the area say that there were at least five other graves here.  Just below the peak of the white hill to the north of the road are several graves; the only marker that is marked has a date 1864. It is said the Indians attacked a wagon train as it was going over the top; they pushed many of the wagons over the steep side of the ridge to the west.  Ranchers in the area say there were more graves at the foot of the ridge, and they gathered parts of wagons from here for many years. 

At one time a branch of the road went up Meadow Canyon, and turned south to join with the first branch one and four- tenths miles west of the white hill.  Four and one-tenth miles from the top of the hill there are five or six graves on the south side of the road.  The Bureau of Land Management has made a pole fence around them; there is only one with a marker, which is “Alfred Corum, Died July 4, 1849”. 

This grave was evidently marked by someone later as it has a stone marker on it and in the Journal of J. Goldsbourough Bruff he passed the grave in August the same year and he mentions the marker being a board.  Also he mentions a Margaret Campbell, departed July 28, 1848, within a few yards of Corum. Nancy Hill's grave is two-tenths of a mile farther west, on the right hand side of the road.