Collections - Recommended Reading
  A Tale of Two Towns - Tulsa and LaBarge by Dorise Marx Housley, Betty Carpenter Pfaff and Wanda Sims Vasey 

  Branches and Twigs
by Wanda Sims Valey & Dorise Marx Housley 

  Coal Mining - First One Hundred Years, Hams Fork-Kemmerer, Lincoln County by Alice Antilla

Echos of Elkol - Story of a Western Coal Camp by Dorothy Wright

Ghost Towns of Wyoming by Donald Miller

Glencoe, Spelling Out Western Coal Camp History by Dorothy Wright

History of the Upper Hamsfork Valley by Jacob W and Alice Antilla

Kemmerer, Wyoming by Glen Barrett

Kemmerer, Wyoming, Digging for Western History by Dorothy Wright

Oakley, Wyoming - Gone...But Not Forgotten by Frank R Dallezotte

The Valley of Fontenelle by Ella Holden.  "Annals of Wyoming", Vol 5, Oct 1927-Nov 1928.

  They Made Wyoming Their Own by Eunice Ewer Wallace